2011 Pacific Games Overall Woman’s Champion

Virginie Foucault 2011 Pacific Games Overall Woman’s Champion

In the days following Virginie’s win at the 2011 Pacific Games, it was a good opportunity to meet with Virginie and to learn more about her background in the sport of bodybuilding, where she was introduced through her husband and national bodybuilding champion Gilbert  Foucault. 

Says Virginie, I always loved physical activities and I have been running for many years, I loved different kind of races, raids etc... and along running I was doing classes in the gym. 

I am almost 41 years old, my occupation is Florist, I am also a mother so my days are full and it is during my lunch break that I found the moment in my day to train. It is my personnal moment of the day, where I take care of myself and empty my mind from the house and work matters. 

I train 4 to 5 times a week and work one muscle group per session, each session is around 1h30 to 2 hours and I have been doing this for about 10 years. Until 3 years ago, I had never thought about competing but I got interested in my husband's preparation for the New-Caledonian Nationals in 2008. The result,Training + diet really seduced me and I accepted to do it alongside my husband the following year. 

I do not follow any kind of restrictive diet along the year and only the 3 last months before a competition I go into pre-contest diet mode. This allows me to enjoy a social life, go out with firends and family for the major part of the year. 

For the diet side of the preparation I have put my trust in Patrick Mounier, his knowledge, experience of the sport and advice are very rich and valuable to me and certainly a key to my succes.

I give it all during each workout and I follow the diet established for me to the letter and asjust the cardio training according to the progress and need of my preparation. 

The result from the judges is for me not as important as knowing each time that I am at my very best, this is my main goal. Serious preparation but also the most important for me is to have pleasure in what I do.  

Competition achievements

2011- Winner of both the Women’s Under 55kg Class and Overall Category at the 2001 Pacific Games

– New Caledonian Figure Champion Tall Class
– New Caledonian Mixed pair champion 
– Gold medal at the South Pacific Championships Figure Tall class.
– Gold medal at the South Pacific Championships Figure Overall

–  Silver Medal at the South Pacific Championships Mixed pairs 

– New Caledonian Figure Champion Tall Class 
– Silver Medal at the South Pacific Championships Figure Tall class.–  Silver Medal at the South Pacific Championships Mixed pairs