South Pacific Bodybuilding Federation 2010 Congress (The South Pacific Arm of the WBPF)

“South Pacific Bodybuilding Federation Congress”

The 2010 South Pacific Bodybuilding Federation (SPBBF) Congress was held in Noumea, New Caledonia on Friday 15th October. 

This meeting was attended by senior officials from across the Pacific at the 2010 South Pacific Bodybuilding Federations Annual Championships, which this year has been ably hosted by the New Caledonia Bodybuilding Federation, the venue for the 2011 Pacific Games. 

Special Note - The South Pacific Bodybuilding Federation is the only bona fide continental federation that is officially recognised by the Pacific Games Council (PGC) and the Olympic Sports Federations of Oceania (OSFO). What’s more, the member countries of the SPBBF are also recognised by the National Olympic Committee of their country. 

It therefore follows that the South Pacific Bodybuilding Federation (SPBBF) is the only federation that has sole independent authority and credibility to sanction the Annual South Pacific Bodybuilding Championships and titles. 

Geography lesson number one – “New Zealand and Australia are not part of the South Pacific”. 

The editor notes there have been a number of competitions held both in Australia and New Zealand earlier in the year which were misleadingly reported to be South Pacific Bodybuilding Championships. 

Please note these events were organised without the consent, or sanctioning authority of the South Pacific Bodybuilding Federation and by rouge promoters who have endeavoured to use the status of the South Pacific Bodybuilding Federation to attach credibility to their misguided cause.

Pictured; President of the South Pacific Bodybuilding Federation, Philip Hope (WBPF Vice President for Oceania); flanked by Honorary Life President, Patrick Mounier of New Caledonia & Chairman of the WBPF Technical Committee; Christian Pothier, SPBBF Executive Vice President & President of Federation Polynesia HMDA (Tahiti); Janice Cranch, Judges Secretary of Australia; Joe Daniel, Chairman of Judges, Cook Islands; Roland Chodey, Chairman Technical Committee SPBBF; Pierre Frogier, President of New Caledonia Bodybuilding Federation & 1st Vice President of SPBBF; Fifi Pothier, the first lady of Tahiti; Johanna Keil of Samoa, Yamele Xenie of New Caledonia (Former French National Champion observing).